Here I Lie,

…feeling forgotten. Only I do it to myself. I left my girls house early tonight so I could come home and play a video game with my cousin. I don’t regret doing so but now I’m worried. See, she’s a night owl. She can stay up all night. Her very gay friend will pick her up and they’ll hang out into the early morning.. I specify his sexuality because I have to remind myself shes with someone who isn’t romantically interested. But yet I worry..

I don’t mind if she decides i’m not good enough, which I really don’t think I am, and leaves me. What I’m worried about is not being worth being told I’m not worth it and getting cheated on.

Insecure much? Very. I’m man enough to admit that. But what is that worth when what you’re admitting makes you less of a man?

I am nothing more than

A little boy inside

That cries out for attention

Yet I always try to hide

~ Staind (Epiphany)


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