Here I Lie,

… on the precipice of loneliness. I make my lady unhappy with who I am… but we love each other dearly. I know it’s true.. I love her. I know it because I care about the things she does.

Yet that’s the downfall, too.

She sees no issue with posting her bikini selfies online for the general public.. she’s even posted herself in her bra… and with who I am, you just don’t do that… not while you’re with me.. if you’re with me, you and I are exclusive.. and I know the argument..

Bikinis and underwear show the exact same amount of skin.

I agree. However, underwear is intimate. It’s meant to be seen in the bedroom. If you share yourself with the public in intimate wear, what am I?

I’m sure many disagree with this and that’s okay. I hope I don’t catch too much flak for it..

Anyway, that’s one thing. The rest is similar, in that it’s something I view differently and she doesnt have an issue with. So she disregards how I feel about it, does it anyway… yet we love each other deeply…

Love is finicky and.. possibly overrated… so here I lie.

On the edge of goodbye…


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