Here I Lie,

…yet again.

I finish enjoying a game on my computer only to lie down and stare into the darkness of my ceiling.

My relationship is on a train through the rain forest but was derailed 2 months ago. I want to save the train but I’m not sure its salvageable.

My job is good but talk about anxiety. First job out of retail, yet there are still elements of retail.. amazing how that happens.

My brain isn’t looking to kill me tonight. Only make me very uncomfortable and ridden with worry. About what? I’m not sure. I kind of wish I felt sad instead.

At least feeling sad is familiar…


Here I Lie,

… waiting.

For what?

You’ve got me.

A new, simpler, happier life?

One I know I have more control of?

Why is it always at night?

I want to be well again…